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Experts of Raevsky clinics: oncopsychology is necessary in cancer treatment

On June 30, 2022, an online conference "Treatment of oncology with integrative methods" was held as part of the All-Russian Scientific and Educational Project. It was conducted by the staff of Dmitry Raevsky's network of integrative medicine clinics. They spoke about the need to include oncopsychology in the complex treatment of oncological diseases.

The conference was held as part of the All-Russian scientific and educational project for neurologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, oncologists and general practitioners. The event was attended by 285 people from 115 cities in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Belarus, as well as from Austria and Germany. Among them are doctors of various fields, psychologists, psychotherapists and managers of pharmaceutical companies.

Dmitry Raevsky, the founder of the network of integrative medicine clinics, the head physician of the network and staff oncologist, as well as the co-founder of the network, oncopsychologist and psychosynthesis therapist Karina Yeremyan spoke at the event. For more than four years she has been treating cancer patients using integrative methods, which are a synthesis of modern medicine, psychotherapy and ancillary therapies.

“As Dr. R. Hamer said, cancer is a psychogenic disease. Therefore, modern oncopsychology assumes an integrative approach and includes both the achievements of modern medicine and oncopsychology, hypnotherapy, cognitive and body-oriented therapy, New German medicine,” said Karina Yeremyan.

According to her, modern oncopsychology gives positive results even in independent work with oncology.

“The effectiveness of oncopsychology lies in the positive dynamics of the disease, a decrease in tumor markers, an overall improvement in blood counts, a decrease in the size of the tumor and metastases, and reaching a long-term remission,” commented Karina Yeremyan. She said that the staff of Dmitry Raevsky's network of integrative medicine clinics rely on the work of domestic and foreign specialists: R. Sapolsky, O. Bukhtoyarov, R. Hamer, who reveal the psychogenic nature of oncology and other diseases. And the research of scientists in this area confirms the importance of working with the subconscious, the psyche of the patient.”

“One of our goals is to strengthen the standard methods of oncology treatment,” continued Karina Yeremyan. “We would like to introduce psychotherapy into the standard treatment package for cancer patients.”

The experience of Dmitry Raevsky's network of clinics confirms the success of such a synthesis. A case in point was a patient who received chemotherapy in Korea. Before working with a psychotherapist, the treatment was ineffective, the condition worsened. When psychotherapy was connected to general treatment, the dynamics became positive.

The speaker also told why psychotherapy in case of oncology does not always work.

“It should be noted that the success of psychotherapy largely depends on what the specialist is working with: psychological or biological conflict. Most often, psychotherapists work with psychological conflict, - explained Karina Yeremyan. - There is an iron rule in oncology - this is a shock moment in a patient's life. When the psyche did not have time to work, but the organics, that is, the human body, reacted. This is the biological conflict, the disease.”

She gave the example of a patient with a precancerous condition who was in a car accident and hit her lower abdomen.

“The psyche did not have time to react to the situation - the body took over. After the accident, she developed cysts on her ovaries, - said Karina Yeremyan. - At that time, the patient was planning to become pregnant, and the body, in order to protect the reproductive organs, reacted with the formation of cysts. After working through this biological conflict, the patient’s local pains stopped, the cysts disappeared.”

The most difficult thing, according to Karina Yeremyan, is to understand when a dramatic event happened, with what or with whom it is connected. To do this, use work with the subconscious, regression.

Also, according to the oncopsychologist, the interaction of a specialist with a patient is important.

“It is effective to introduce therapeutic ethics in the training of oncologists. Since specialists are taught to work with oncology and tumors, but they are not taught to work with human emotions, - Karina Yeremyan commented. - The very presence of oncology is stressful for a person. Imposing it on the psychogenic nature of the disease only exacerbates the situation.

For reference:
The network of integrative medicine clinics of Dmitry Raevsky was founded in 2018. Its centers are located in Russia (in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk), Kazakhstan (in Nur-Sultan, Alma-Ata and Aktobe), Kyrgyzstan (in Bishkek) and Sri Lanka. The main areas of work: the treatment of oncological and childhood chronic diseases through a combination of psychotherapeutic work with the use of the possibilities of modern medicine.