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Innovative doctors at a free conference will talk about psychotherapy in the treatment of oncology

The free online conference "Psychotherapy in Oncology" will be held on May 26.

 It will be conducted by leading specialists from Dmitry Raevsky's network of integrative medicine clinics, which uses innovative methods and has shown serious results in the treatment of oncological diseases.
In 2021, 154 patients passed through Dmitry Raevsky's network of integrative medicine clinics. Mostly - at the fourth stage of oncological disease. The overall survival rate for the year was 93%, this figure is several times higher than the average.
- We treat those patients whom modern medicine is no longer able to help. People come to us at the last stages of oncological diseases and very often recover, - said Dmitry Raevsky, founder of the network of integrative medicine clinics. - This conference is about an integrative approach in the treatment of autoimmune, neurological and oncological diseases, about psychotherapy and hypnosis in the treatment of oncology, about how even hopeless patients can be saved using modern methods of working with the subconscious.
In addition to Dmitry Raevsky, the network's chief physician, a psychotherapist and an endocrinologist, as well as an oncopsychologist and an oncologist will speak at the conference.
Speakers will cover the topics of the impact of stress on the development of the disease and the enhancement of standard therapy with additional methods. They will share their successful experience with viratherapy and tell the story of achieving remission in stage 4 myeloid leukemia in a nine-year-old patient. They will also offer solutions to an urgent problem of modern oncology - rehabilitation after chemotherapy.
“The audience of our conference is seeking doctors and psychologists who are interested in new methods of treatment and who want to introduce them into their practice,” said Evgeniy Serdechny, coordinator of the event. - The right approach to psychotherapy, combined with viratherapy and the use of a natural oncolytic drug, which we use in our clinics, significantly increases the survival rate of patients and triggers the regression of cancer cells. We want to revolutionize medicine and scale our successful experience.
The organizers of the conference also said that they are interested in cooperation with doctors, psychologists and scientists, in joint clinical research and exchange of experience.

In addition, they plan to hold similar online events once a month. In the near future, conferences on the topics of oncopsychology, psychotherapy, viratherapy and rehabilitation of cancer patients will be held.
The conference "Psychotherapy in Oncology" will be held on May 26, from 16.00 to 18.00 Moscow time. To participate in the event, pre-registration is required at the link: Conference participants will be provided with electronic certificates.
For reference
The network of integrative medicine clinics of Dmitry Raevsky was founded in 2018. Its centers are located in Russia (in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk), Kazakhstan (in Nur-Sultan and Alma-Ata) and Sri Lanka.
The main areas of work: the treatment of oncological and childhood chronic diseases through a combination of psychotherapeutic work with the use of the possibilities of modern medicine.